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Stump Grinder

Bi-directional cutting design allows for dual pass operation without moving the skid steer.
32 durable bi-directional carbide teeth allow you to aggressively chew through any sized stump with little wear.
1/2" x 24" diameter steel plate cutting wheel
Up to 1,100 rpm cutting wheel speed
Maximum cutting depth 8" below ground.
Offset wheel allows better operator visibility.
15-30 GPM Hydraulic Flow

Stump Grinder          Your Price: $6,420

Price Includes Attachment and Factory Installed Couplers. Electronic Connection Extra.


84" Soil Conditioner with Hydraulic Angling

This attachment has all of the benefits of our Utility Soil Conditioner, plus a unique floating connection that provides automatic leveling as the unit follows the contour of the ground. Easily rake stones and debris to either side or straight ahead for easy pickup. Achieve greater ground speed with the large-diameter rotor and aggressive teeth that pulverize the soil on the go. The counter-rotating rotor action moves soil ahead while tilling. This allows you to fill in low spots and cut down high spots in one pass. Rake and till as deep as 4” to create the perfect seedbed. This unit separates rocks, tears up sod, and eliminates dirt clods for a truly professional finish.

Direct-drive motor turns large 10" rotor.
Tungsten carbide teeth
25° Manual Angling with Optional Hydraulic Power Angling
Large Solid Rubber Tires
15-33 GPS

Retail: $10,515   Your Price: $9,463

Price Includes Attachment and Factory Installed Couplers. Electronic Connection Extra.


Landscape Rake

An attachment that pays for itself in a very short amount of time, replacing your hand labor work crew. The Landscape Rake was designed to remove small to medium-sized rock as small as 3/4” along with unwanted roots and debris. The Landscape Rake also breaks up lumpy soil, while grading, leveling, scarifying – preparing the soil in a one-step process. This is the perfect tool for preparing a seedbed, sodding or lawn leveling.

12 Replaceable bolt-on rake bars
Rake bars scarify & level while breaking up lumpy soil & picking up rocks.
Staggered teeth pick up debris as small as 3/4"
Dual springs on cover allow for adjustable down-pressure.
Top cover opens hydraulically for fast, easy dumping of the large. containment bucket
Adjustable side skids for setting depths and leaving a marker for guidance on next pass
13-25 GPM​


*Landscape Rake      Retail: $9,120     Your Price: $8,208

Price Includes Attachment and Factory Installed Couplers.


Tree Shear

Cuts up to 14" diameter trees.
Vertical or horizontal cutting position.

Head rotates 90° allowing for the cutting & pruning of limbs & boughs.
Near ground cutting.
Extremely powerful shear cylinder.
Shear blade comprised of AR400 abrasion resistance high tensile steel.
Push-bar brush guard keeps trees in front of skid steer.
Fallen trees can be sectioned for easy removal or clipped for firewood or compact loading.

*14" Tree Shear with Hydraulic Rotation     Your Price: $6,715   

Price Includes Attachment and Factory Installed Couplers. Electronic Connection Extra.


Post Driver

The self-contained Post Driver is the choice for fencing contractors, landscapers, ranchers, farmers, and maintenance departments. Skid steer maneuverability allows the unit to be easily moved around buildings, storage sheds, trees and other obstacles, with minimal hydraulic power. Powered by a minimum of 10 GPM, the Post Driver can drive a 4” to 5” post into the ground in less than 15 seconds.

Manually adjust variable speed to adjust strokes per minute.
Up to 40 blows per minute.
Drives posts straight and true on almost any terrain
Powerful simple design drives steel, wood or even railroad ties.
All hydraulic-driven chain assembly.
18° tilt each way.
1,400 ft. lb. of impact energy (2,200 ft. lbs. with Ballast)
Fully enclosed for quiet operation.
Maximum Post Size: 8” x 9”
Minimum Post Size: “T” Post
Minimum Post Height Driven: 8” Above Ground Level
Hammer Weight: 330 lb.
Hammer Weight w/Ballast: 530 lb.
Separate poly-carbonate shields provide for exceptional visibility and additional noise reduction.




*Post Driver     Retail: $7,815     Your Price: $7,033

Price Includes Attachment, 200lb Steel Shot Ballast and Factory Installed Couplers. Electronic Connection Extra.


Pick-up Broom

Sweep dirt and debris or scrape mud going forward or in reverse.
Reversible cutting edge helps cut loose cakes on mud, while the sweeper's poly bristles deposit dirt and debris in the container, which can be dumped when full.
Adjustable arbor mounts allow control over bristle pressure to surface while extending bristle life.
Reversible bristle direction for multi-purpose.
Completely covered to control dust. Rubber shield retains debris.
13-25 GPM

84" Pick-up Broom          Your Price: $5,620

Price Includes Attachment and Factory Installed Couplers. Optional Curb Sweeper Extra.



Telescoping boom extends beyond 21 ft. When Combined with the reach of your Skid Steers, your total height reach is around 30 ft.
72" hydraulic stroke allows for adjustments from the comfort of your cab.
Strong tubular steel, yet lightweight
Ideal for general construction, truss installation, material handling, building erection, roofing/shingling, sign installation, on-the-farm, lighting erection, pole placement and much more.

Rated Load: Fully Extended Horizontal - 350lbs

                     Fully Contracted Horizontal - 700lbs

                     Fully Contracted @ 75° - 1,000lbs

Teleboom          Your Price: $3,220

Price Includes Attachment and Factory Installed Couplers.

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