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Brush Cutter


Parker Hydraulic Hoses, Omni Direct Drive Motor w/ Internal Cross Port.

Regular Flow up to 20 GPM.


Cut up to 3" Saplings and Heavy Brush.


7 Gauge Steel Deck. 

72" Brush Cutter:

66" Cutting Path - Weighs 1,100 Pounds

80" Brush Cutter:

72" Cutting Path - Weighs 1,300 Pounds

Brush Cutter
Brush Cutter with Chains (8)

72" - $3,600

80"- $3,800


6' Rototiller

Heavy Duty 6 Foot Hydraulic Driven Roto-Tiller. Great for Prepping and Preparing Gardens, Seed, Bead and Food plots. This Tiller Breaks Ground 4" by Using Bi-Directional Rotation. This Method Quickly and Efficiency Allows You to Pulverize Soil to Save Time and Labor.

3/16 Wrap, 5/8 Sides and 5/16 Tines.

Weighs 580 lbs. Factory installed hoses and couplers included.




Works With All Universal Bobcat Style Quick Attach. Comes With Parker Hoses and Flat-Faced Couplers Made of HD A36 Steel. 24 Larger Poly Wafer Bristles 2" Center Greaseable Pivot Points 2 Adjustable / Removable Storage Stands. Flow Range 10-20 GPM

72" X 30" X 50"



Skid Steer Broom Attachment

Wood Splitter

Features a 35 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder and Can Split Logs up to 32"

Built With TWO Universal Skid Steer Attachments for Mounting Upright or Inverted -- No Bolts Required -- Just Turn Unit Over and Hook Up.

Position Wood to Split on the Ground or Over a Trailer.


Operate from the Comfort of Your Cab.

2-Way Splitting Head.


Log Splitter
Log Splitter
Log Splitter
Log Splitter
Log Splitter
Log Splitter

Limb Saw

Cut Tree Limbs from the Safety of Your Skidsteer or Tractor.

Automatic Chain Oiler


12 Foot Reach

Standard Bar Length 24"

Standard Stihl Drive Used for Easy Replacement of Bars and Chain

Chain: Gauge 0.050, Pitch 3/8,

            Number of Links: 84



Hay Bale Squeezer

Grips up to a 5' Diameter Bail.

Weighs 410lbs and is Capable of Moving 5,000lbs

The Round Tubing Makes for a Strong Smooth Surface to Prevent Damage to Weatherproof Wrapping.

Makes Moving, Loading, and Stacking 5 Foot Bales Quick and Easy.

Hose Kit Included!

Hay Bale Attachment for Sale
Hay Bale Attachment for Sale
Hay Bale Attachment for Sale
Hay Bale Attachment for Sale
Hay Bale Attachment for Sale
Hay Bale Attachment for Sale


Hay Bale Spear

The Long Removable Main Spear and Two Bottom Stabilizing Spears Allow Your Skid Steer to Easily Pick Up Large Round Bales. The Sturdy Tubular Steel Frame is Built for Years of Use.


49" Removable Main Spear

Two 18" Bottom Stabilizing Spears




Hay Bale Spear
Hay Bale Spear2
Hay Bale Spear4
Hay Bale Spear3

6' Dozer Blade

19.5" Tall, 1/4" Wrap, 5/8" Frame

2x6 Cylinder

Tilt Function


Dozer Blade
Dozer Blade Rear View

6 Way Dozer Blade


Hydraulic Angle and Tilt Adjustment

Bolt on Edge 5⁄8 x 6″ - Reversible


Comes with Hydraulic Hoses and a Universal Electrical Connection

84" - $4,495

96" - $4,695

6 Way Dozer Blade
6 Way Dozer Blade Specs
6 Way Dozer Blade Drawling with Specs


48" Trencher


Skid Steer Trencher for Sale
Skid Steer Trencher for Sale
Skid Steer Trencher for Sale

Tree Cutter


Cuts up to 4" Diameter Trees

Made of 5/8" Steel with a 1/2" Cutting Edge, 3/8" Sides and a 6" Opening for Shearing Trees

Weighs 250lbs


Tree Cutter

Tree Boom

This 5 Foot Tree Boom is the Perfect Piece to Complete Your Equipment Inventory and is a Must Have for Landscapers. Use it to Easily Pick Up, Move and Position Old, New or Cut Down Trees. This Attachment Will Also Double as a Boom Pole. Great for Moving and Loading Construction Materials, Setting Large Stones, Pulling Motors, etc.

4"x4" Tube Construction
Curved Boom - 5ft

Lifting Capacity: 2,200 lbs

Tree Boom
Tree Boom
Tree Boom


For Stump Grinders, Soil Conditioners, Landscape Rakes, Tree Shears, Post Driver, Pick-Up Brooms & Telebooms check out our Erskine Attachments

For our Lowe Attachments check out Augers & Trenchers

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