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These are Special Order Items &
Have Around a 4-6 Week Lead Time

42" Forks

Cold Planer

Highly versatile Cold Planers are adaptable to a wide variety of job environments including road repair, bridge deck repair, landscaping, municipal, shopping center and utility work. The Cold Planer is easy to maneuver around manhole and storm drains; excellent for bridge decks where heavier, dedicated planers are not allowed. Hydraulic side-shift and depth control allows skid steer operators to shift it up to 24” for maneuvering close to buildings and other obstacles from the comfort of your seat.

  • Adjustable to a wide variety of job environments including road construction, landscaping, bridge deck repair, municipal, shopping center, and utility work

  • Easy to maneuver around manholes and storm drains; excellent for bridge decks where heavier dedicated planers are not allowed

  • Two tools in one; cut asphalt and concrete with the same machine

  • Side-shift feature moves planer from left to right for maximum maneuverability

18" - $21,795

24" - $22,995

36" - $33,595

48" - $35,395

*Pricing Includes Hoses and Couplers. Electronic Connection Extra

Hydraulic Breaker

The Hydraulic Breaker makes quick work out of a tough job. The smart and efficient design provides a workhorse with only two moving parts. Vibration and shock are controlled by shock absorbing polymers, minimizing machine wear and sound while improving operator comfort level. Easily smash through concrete, even on an incline, with the hardest hitting breakers in their respective impact energy classes. Only two moving parts, one grease fitting, low recoil and minimal hydraulic pressure spike, and unique trapezoidal shock wave for greater breaking power.

  • Power booster for high performance and low vibration

  • Central lubrication

  • Field replaceable bushing for easier maintenance

  • Hybrid technology (gas/oil)

  • Innovative design with fewer components for higher reliability

  • Effective noise and vibration damping

  • Highly efficient internal control valve

210X - $10,195
310X - $12,705
360X - $16,795
410X - $20,505
Pricing Includes Moil Point.
Optional Chisel and Blunt Points Also Available.

Breaker Charging Kit - $1,300
Automatic Greaser - $2,995


Inverted Log Splitter

Our Inverted Log Splitter allows you to stay in the cab while you split logs on the ground. With up to 24 tons of splitting force and an average cycle time of just 7 seconds, this durable log splitter saves you time and money.

  • Inverted horizontal splitter orientation

  • Splits logs 24” or 36” in length

  • 7 second average cycle time


​24" Cylinder Stroke (19 Tons at 3,000 psi) - $3,450
36" Cylinder Stroke (24 Tons at 3,000 psi) - $4,950
4 Way Wedge - $500
Pricing Includes Hoses and Couplers.


Vibratory Packer

Compact flatwork, trenches and asphalt patching jobs while moving forward or in reverse. Offset drum design compacts next to sidewalks, walls or curbs. Drum oscillation keeps the roller in contact with the surface on uneven terrain.

  • Offset drum design allows the right side of the roller to extend past the machine. This is very useful when compacting next to sidewalks, walls, or curbs

  • Durable one-piece drum for extra strength

  • Dual-direction vibration motor permits compaction traveling in either direction

  • Drum rubber isolation mounts reduce vibration transfer to loader and operator

  • Solid shaft running the full length of the drum is equipped with 4 greasable bearings


72" Smooth - $15,550
72" Padded Foot - $17,050
Pricing Includes Case Drain Couplers, Hoses and Couplers

Forestry Mulching Mower

Our Forestry Mulching Mower is designed to de-forest an area and return the debris back to the environment. The Rage cuts trees up to 14” in diameter and mulches trees up to 6”. If you need a powerful, reliable mulching mower in your arsenal, you need the Forestry Mulching Mower.

  • Parker Piston Motor is Made in the USA with the highest quality materials, featuring maximum starting torque.

  • Motor is covered and a storage compartment on deck stores tools such as replacement tooth ratchet

  • 1,045 pounds of disc mass unleashes massive amounts of rotational energy to destroy trees and brush

  • 1.5” thick disc is the most durable in the industry and consists of one 3/4” plate and two 3/8” plates

  • Top deck is made of grade 50 steel for maximum strength and durability

  • Curved shroud at disc rear creates a smooth, consistent mulching chamber increasing efficiency

  • Replaceable carbide bullet teeth are designed to withstand contact with rocks and ground debris

  • Perimeter cutting teeth are designed to rotate as they wear and easily replaceable

  • Tooth holders are heat treated to withstand tough wear and tear with no cracking

  • Tooth protector fins are made 3/4” AR400 steel to protect outer teeth from direct impact

  • Front deflector is floating on a pivoted joint to flip up so it’s not damaged when encountering obstacles and can also be pinned up during maintenance

  • Exclusively designed slanted push bar positioned forward cuts brush and small trees, horizontally to guide larger trees into mulching chamber, and prevents trees from hanging on deck after cutting

  • 4” diameter bearing shaft easily carries the strong forces and weight of disc and has a metal shaft seal protector that turns with the output of the shaft for ultimate protection of the shaft seal

  • Exclusive rasp bars under deck create a fine mulch to minimize plugging and clogging

  • Bolting flange uses 12, grade 9 bolts to spread-out stress to help decrease maintenance work


Price Does not include Hoses and Couplers
Carbide Teeth in Lieu of Standard Teeth - $995

Heavy Duty Forestry Mulcher

The Heavy-Duty Forestry Mulcher is a land clearing machine for breaking trails, leveling building sites, and clearing storm damage. This beast is designed with a variable displacement motor that automatically determines the best combination of speed and torque to tackle any situation.

  • Motor options 33 – 41 GPM

  • High-strength timing belt to prevent slippage and wear

  • Variable displacement motor

  • Built-in motor protection

  • Adjustable push bar

  • Reversible carbide teeth for double the tooth life

  • 10" Maximum Brush

  • 30 Teeth


$38,995 with Steel Teeth
$42,995 with Carbide Teeth 

Pavement Saw

  • Guide arm for straight & accurate cuts

  • Hydraulic depth control maintains consistent depth of cut

  • Planetary drive coupled with high flow hydraulics, generates high torque for cutting

  • Durable heavy-duty cast rollers

  • Adaptable to all skid steer loaders with high flow hydraulic capacity and replaces more cumbersome self-propelled saw units

  • 9″ cutting depth is ideal for cutting patches and expansion joints and making pavement cuts for utility lines and traffic loops

  • Electro-hydraulic side-shift enables the saw to cut close to walls, curbs, and fixed objects

  • Built-in shroud retracts as cutting depth increases


The Pavement Saw is a cost effective alternative to a more cumbersome self-propelled saw unit. With its powerful planetary/motor combination, the 9” cutter wheel depth is ideal for cutting patches, expansion joints and pavement cuts for utility and traffic loops. Planetary drive motor and tungsten carbide teeth eat through asphalt and hard surfaces with ease. The patented electro-hydraulic side-shift enables the Razor Tooth to cut close to walls, curbs and other fixed objects.


1.5" Wide Cut - $16,695
2.5" Wide Cut - $17,595
4.5" Wide Cut - $18,495
Price Includes Hoses and Couplers.
Electronic Connection Extra.

Heavy-Duty Rock Saw

Cut through asphalt and concrete with greater efficiency with the Heavy-Duty Rock Saw. This powerhouse delivers up to 20 FPM cutting speeds. Hydraulic side-shift and depth control allows skid steer operators to shift it up to 24” for maneuvering close to buildings and other obstacles from the comfort of your seat. Cut up to 18” or 24” deep. Side cutting teeth, a side motor protection blade, and a floating spoil deflector come standard.

  • Highly visible depth gauge allows for more precise control over cutting depth

  • Large spindle & support bearing improves cutting effciency by stabilizing the cutter head

  • Side cutter head teeth minimize any cutter head binding while cutting full depth trenches

  • Dual depth control legs improve stability while cutting

  • New motor & gearbox provides 33% more available torque than the standard Rock Saw

  • Our universal quick attach plates fit most skid steers


18" Saw - $26,195
24" Saw - $29,195
Price Includes Hoses and Couplers.
Electronic Connection Extra.

Landscape Seeder

The Landscape Seeder is built to handle all turf and landscape seeds. Grass seed is a very expensive commodity. Notched rollers properly place the grass seed in the top 1/2” of a properly prepared seedbed, resulting in maximum seed germination. Seedbed is left smooth and firm with small stones pressed down. Because of this precision placement seeding rates can be reduced up to half of the rates previously used.

  • Front rollers crush lumps, press down small stones, and form a firm seedbed

  • 3-point hitch for tractors and mounting plate for skid steers

  • Notched rollers place most of the seed at a depth of 1/2”

  • Sight glass in the seed box gives the operator a view of the seed level

  • Unique agitator brake system that eliminates unwanted seed loss while the seeder is not in contact with the ground


72" Seeder - $10,495
96" - $12,595
Acre Meter Package - $760

Brush Chipper

Turn your skid steer into a mobile work station. This attachment is ideal for commercial, residential, orchards, golf courses, etc., any place where you need to turn a pile of branches into a pile of chips. Easily placed into backyards and remote areas without creating damage to yards.

  • Direct hydraulic drive and fly-wheel design make for low maintenance and efficient chipping

  • Independent hydraulic feed system controls allows user complete control of feeding rate into the chipper

  • Two universal skid steer attach plates on two sides of the chipper allow skid steer to be attached either perpendicular or parallel to chipper for best maneuverability in even the tightest locations


Standard Flow - $13,995
High Flow - $18,495
Hoses and Couplers Extra

Standard Duty Tree Puller - $2,670

The perfect combination of quality, affordability and functionality.

  • Pull trees up to 8” in diameter

  • Pulls trees, brush and posts quickly and efficiently

  • Push bar to keep branches away from door

  • Minimal disturbance to ground, won’t leave stumps or roots

  • Open mounting plate allows operator to see jaw

  • Pivot gap design allows more than one piece of brush to be held at a time.


Heavy Duty Tree Puller - $9,650

  • Remove brush, roots, posts, rocks, concrete blocks, and trees up to 12″ in diameter.

  • AR400 removable blades are engineered to secure concrete, rocks and awkward material to maximize efficiency on the job.

  • Interlocking tooth design to grip even the smallest roots for smooth operation. 1/2” stiffening plates added to the 1” T-1 jaws for an overall 1-1/2” thickness.

  • Industry leading 5” cylinder puts out a massive hydraulic cylinder force of 59,000 lbs. at 3000 psi for all the power you will need to make this your favorite multi-purpose tool!

  • Speed up your workflow with a one-pass operation process ripping out the tree and roots in one shot!

  • Huge 43” jaw opening.


Tree Spade

Turn your skid loader into a high-speed, labor-saving transplanting unit. A tree can be dug or transplanted without the operator having to leave the loader. Spade is designed with a very short frame reducing the need for stabilizers and counterweights. The blades of the tree spade overlap to ensure clean root cutting and support of the root ball.

  • Tree Spade comes complete and ready to use, including all-hydraulic hoses, couplers, and controls

  • Good for transplanting hardwood trees to 2 1/2” diameter and evergreens to 3”

  • Three steel cutting blades are 3/8” thick

  • Adjustable control valve stand

  • All joints outfitted with grease fittings

  • Removable blades for easy sharpening

  • Short frame design for increased down-pressure reducing the need for rear stabilizers


30" Root Ball Diameter - $12,995
40" Root Ball Diameter - $17,095
Optional External Control

Salt, Sand & Fertilizer Spreader

The large hopper capacity and material release controls work together for increased efficiency on the job. Quality materials and workmanship prevent unwanted downtime as you work to make sidewalks, parking lots and roads safer during icy winter months, or fertilize during the spring and summer months. Use the flow control valve setting to spread over distances varying from 4’ up to 35’.

  • Scoop design for easy loading from the cab

  • Large steel hopper for best efficiency

  • Hydraulic spinner with variable speed flow control

  • Hopper grate keeps out unwanted material

  • Removable/adjustable sidewalk kit for controlled placement of material

  • Polyurethane spinner for rust-free and quiet performance


Spreader - $5,650
Optional Sidewalk Kit - $255


Stump Planer

  • ¾” Flighting

  • Dual Cutting Edges (sharpen-able, replaceable), engineered alloy

  • Spiral Center Point (replaceable), engineered to pull stump auger into the stump

  • 12” Bits are 48lbs.

  • 16” Bits are 70lbs.

  • 12″ stump planer bit requires an earth auger drive unit that can produce at least 3,000 foot-pounds of torque

  • 16″ requires an earth auger drive unit that can produce at least 5,500 foot-pounds of torque.


12" Bit - $1,710
16" Bit - $2,080


Tilt Attachment

The Tilt Attachment connects as an adapter between a skid steer loader’s quick attach and its attachment. Controlled from the loader seat, the Tilt Attachment permits a skid steer to cut grades, ditches and swales, and keep attachments level on hilly ground.

  • Large 5″ Center Bushing

  • Rotates left or right up to 17° from the skid steer’s horizontal centerline, with equal operation and speed when tilting in either direction

  • Dual cylinder design provides both smooth operation and superior tilting force

  • Perfect for machine control applications using laser or sonic-guided equipment

  • Replaceable nylon material at wear points means no grease, minimizing maintenance time and costs


Includes Hoses and Couplers.
Electronic Connection Separate.


Rugged and ready to sink its teeth into any task you give it, from landscaping to concrete footings. The responsive controls give you precision and power at your fingertips.

  • Operator seat swings for better visibility of work area

  • Optimum performance with 5-7 GPM hydraulic system

  • Dual cylinder swing provides maximum swinging power

  • All main pivot points greasable for easy maintenance. Full width replaceable bronze bushings on all wearable pivot points

  • Boom & rotation lock for transport

  • 9”, 12”, 15”, 18”, 24” buckets


78" Digging Depth - $13,995
108" Digging Depth - $16,795
Buckets, Thumb, & Other Options Sold Separately


Dig deep with these Digging Backhoes. The skid steer digger backhoe reaches 6 feet deep with a single arm and hydraulically controlled bucket. Use it for trenching or other productive digging work. Includes hydraulic side-to-side swing operation.

  • Six bucket options

  • Optional mechanical thumb

  • Hardened bushing inserts

  • AR400 bucket plates

  • Hydraulic side swing

  • Greasable pins


Industrial Backhoe

Without the Side Swing Function - $3,850
With the Hydraulic Side Swing Function - $5,850
Includes Hoses and Couplers. Electronic Connection Separate.
Buckets, Thumb, & Other Options Sold Separately

High Capacity Grapple Bucket

Engineered to be your farm workhorse. Easily load and transport large, round bales or use for routine hauling.

  • Four tines to secure your load

  • 2 – 3,000 lb. hydraulic cylinders

  • Slender tines preserve bale integrity

  • Three model sizes available

  • Transport large, round bales


72" - $6,750
84" - $6,850
96" - $6,950
Bolt on Cutting Edge $350

Multi-Purpose Grapple

Boost productivity – great for moving trees, boulders and large wood piles. With the Multi-Purpose Grapple, trees and debris can be delicately removed, repositioned, or loaded without damaging the surrounding landscape.

  • Includes skid steer mount and 3-point hitch Cat I and II

  • Two steel steps for traction

  • 3-inch bore cylinder

  • Closes to less than 3 inches

  • Heavy-duty push bar

  • Optional hydraulic rotation

  • Optional winch


48" - $8,650
60" - $9,050
Hydraulic Rotation - $2,615
Winch - $5,295
Includes Hoses and Couplers. Electronic Connection Separate.

* 3% Credit Card Charge

* Please Note, Prices Do Not Include Shipping. Please Call for Shipping Quote 724-353-2000.

*Inventory Changes Daily 

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